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APC BR1500GI W/Auto shutdown

Premium Battery Backup with Surge Protection for Electronics and Computers

  • LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) gives the status of over 20 different utility and battery backup conditions.
  • Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR) instantly corrects voltages fluctuations so you can work indefinitely through brownouts and overvoltages.
  • 5 “Battery Backup & Surge Protected” Outlets keep a CPU, monitor and other critical devices running when the power goes out or fluctuates outside safe levels. (Includes one power-saving “Controlled” outlet).
  • 5 “Surge Only” Outlets protect printers, faxes or other equipment without reducing battery capacity. (Includes three power-saving “Controlled” outlets).
  • Data Line Surge Protection guards against surges and spikes traveling over telephone and network lines.
  • Auto Shutdown Software allows management of the Back- UPS from your computer via USB or serial interface:
    • Saves files and shuts down system when battery is low
    • Records utility power and battery conditions
    • Allows for customized set up
  • Push Button Circuit Breaker enables quick recovery from overloads.
  • Automatic Diagnostic Testing ensures your unit is ready when you need it.
  • External Battery Pack Compatibility allows you to dramatically increase your run time. (BR1500GI only)
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